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Popular Gaming Blogs [5 Site Reviews]

Gaming industry is huge thanks to the modern developments of technology in recent years. Videogame industry turns billions of dollars in profit each year and is highly attractive among gamers. Today you will find plenty of great gaming websites and blogs that promote all kinds of things. Some are focused on game reviews and analysis while others are focused on gaming events and behind-the-scenes dealings in the industry. In the past, game magazines were at the top of popularity, but not anymore. Now game blogs have taken over and in them you can find anything regarding game culture, gaming news and gaming communities. Creating a list of 5 most popular gaming blogs online is challenging because there are so many worth mentioning, but the following is our list of best of the best gaming blogs online.


This is one of the biggest gaming sites online, visited by millions of gamers every day. GameSpot is full of useful information about the gaming world. You can find everything regarding games at this site, read people`s reviews, opinions and check out great forum. There are dedicated sections for PC games, PS4, Xbox and other consoles.


Imagine Game Network has been online for over two decades now and has always been one of the most popular gaming sites to visit. It is focused on video gaming industry and everything connected to games. Here you can check out some great game reviews, latest news and gossip from videogame industry, gaming advice and tips, gaming facts and many more interesting things.

ThatVideoGame Blog

This is a fantastic gaming blog where you can read interesting posts about gaming industry. There are many sub-sections and gaming headlines that gamers love. The design is very clean, writing is entertaining, and you are guaranteed lots of useful information and fun at this gaming blog.

PC Gamer

This site is dedicated to PC games and is a popular spot for gamers for over twenty years. Here you will find all the info you need about PC games, PC news and game updates. There are often reviews about games and information about gaming events around the world. Daily video updates, computer gear comparison and game guides are also present at this amazing site.

Nintendo Life

At Nintendo Life you will find all things regarding Nintendo products, news, events, games, software and many more other things. There are very quality gaming articles, reviews, new information about products, latest Nintendo news and other interesting stuff. This sites attracts over million new users every month and is definitely worth checking out. If you are genuine fan of Nintendo then this is a site that you should not miss.

Into Adult Gaming?

If you’re into adult gaming we’ve got a special blog for you. Check out Gamer Inquirer which features blog posts on all the recent and classic adult games. For a specific example, check out this post on Grand Fuck Auto. If adult games are your thing, this is the best gaming blog site for that niche.

These were the five most popular gaming sites online, but there are plenty of more others. Make an own research and you will be amazed of the number of quality gaming blogs and websites online. All of them offer something nice and unique which you will find very useful.